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SOLAMAC - Society Latin American of Specialists in Aquatic Mammals


About us

Ever since 1984, the Latin American scientific community gathered biannually to discuss aspects linked to knowledge on aquatic mammals in these countries during the South American Meetings of Experts Work on Marine Mammals (Reuniões de Trabalho de Especialistas em Mamíferos Aquáticos da América do Sul - RT). In 1994, at the end of the 4th RT in Florianópolis (Brazil), it was imminent the creation of a society of researchers to bring together the aquatic mammal researchers and to give support to the execution and dissemination of its knowledge and conservation, as well as its importance to the ecosystem. So, in 1996, a group of specialists created the "Sociedade Latino-americana de Especialistas em Mamíferos Aquáticos (SOLAMAC)" during the 7th RT in Viña del Mar, Chile.

Charter members

Paulo Cesar Simões-Lopes, Marcela Junín, Hugo Castelo, Claudio Campagna, Anelio Aguayo, Julio Reyes, Cristina Pinedo, Monica Muelbert, Jorge Urbán, Luis Cappozzo, Miriam Marmontel, Mario Cozzuol, José Yañez, Mirtha Lewis, Vera da Silva, Patricia Majluf.

Our objectives
  • To reinforce and strengthen the Latin American scientific community dedicated to the study of aquatic mammals and their ecosystems.
  • To promote the study of the different aquatic mammal species of Latin America.
  • To disseminate scientific knowledge on the aquatic mammals of Latin America through scientific gatherings, a scientific journal and other means.
  • To share opinions based on scientific knowledge and, when necessary, assess in topics related to the aquatic mammals of the area and environmental problems.
  • To promote knowledge on aquatic mammals among citizens of Latin American countries and the rest of the world.
  • To be a space of reflection of ethical and cultural aspects of research, management and conservation of aquatic mammals and their ecosystems.



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Current board of directors 2022-2024


Previous boards






Below is a list of all the previous boards of SOLAMAC, which contributed to the growth of our society!


Diretoria 2018-2022

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Diretoria 2016-2018

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