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SOLAMAC - Sociedade Latino Americana de Especialistas em Mamíferos Aquáticos

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Pablo Bordino



On June 12, 2018 we woke up with terrible sad news: Pablo Bordino passed away in Argentina. It was something difficult to digest for all of us in our scientific community. Many of us had the fortune to work with him. A champion of Franciscana conservation, he inspired a generation of conservation biologists in Latin America and worldwide. Pablo graduated in Biology at the University of Buenos Aires and got his Master’s in Coastal Management at the Nova University. He was a research associate at the Marine Mammal Laboratory of the Argentine Museum of Natural Sciences, and Senior Project Leader at the Wildlife Trust, where he coordinated the Franciscana dolphin project. Pablo was a candidate to receive the prestigious "Whitley Award" (UK), and in 2002 he received the "Wild Invest Continuation Award for Conservation of Nature" (UK) for his work in marine conservation. His work was also supported by different conservation organizations, like the Chicago Zoological Society, Center for Conservation Medicine at Tufts University, Cetacean Society International, New England Aquarium, Center for Environmental Research and Conservation at Columbia University, Disney Conservation Fund, Cetacean Society in the USA, and The BP Conservation Program (UK) and Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF), and by local agencies and institutions, such as Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina. Pablo was also interested in anthropology, studying the customs of indigenous tribes in Argentina. He settled in different locations on the coast of the Province of Buenos Aires with his family, and devoted himself to tour the beaches and contact the artisanal fishermen with whom he established a permanent link trying to raise awareness and achieve their collaboration to reduce the mortality of the Franciscana in gillnets, through the use of alternative fishing gear and acoustic alarms. As a navigator, he was also passionate of aquatic activities. Pablo is overtaken by his three children, Tomás, Santiago and Nicolás, his mother Lidia and his partner Alejandra. As his friends, we said goodbye to Pablo and we join his family in this deeply sad moment. We will miss him as a colleague and as a friend. Today, the world is a little worse off without him.

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