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SOLAMAC - Sociedade Latino Americana de Especialistas em Mamíferos Aquáticos

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Aquatic Mammal's land based station studies in Latin America

Dear all,

We would like to invite you to contribute to our on-line survey available here Our goal is to compile all the available information on research projects that uses or had used land-based stations to study aquatic mammals in Latin America. We conducted a literature review, and despite of that, many known land-based stations studies are not contemplated in the available literature. This survey aims to provide the most complete portrait of land-based surveys in Latin America and the gathered results will be presented in a future book chapter.

The survey takes approximately 5 minutes

If you have any question regarding this survey, please contact Mia Morete for more details (


Thanks for your contribution!


Cristiane C.A. Martins, PhD – Tryphon Oceans; Daniela Abras, MsC – Instituto Baleia Jubarte & VIVA Baleias, Golfinhos e cia; & Mia Morete, PhD – VIVA Baleias, Golfinhos e cia.


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