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SOLAMAC - Society Latin American of Specialists in Aquatic Mammals

Research  -  Research projects in Latin America



From a group of co-workers gathered during the XIII Reunión de Trabajo de Especialistas en Mamíferos Acuáticos de América del Sur in October 2008, came the idea to create a network of contacts and information regarding pinnipeds marked in the coast of South America. For this reason, this detailed online space was created detailing the marked species, the different types of marks used, and the contacts of the institutions that accomplished the marking.


Considering that both pups and juvenile fur seals and sea lions suffer great mortality, and that dispersion of these species are very high, the possibilities of sighting marked individuals are low. Thus, the collaboration of all people who encounter these marked animals during their dispersion at sea is of great importance. This information will contribute to the better understanding of the movements of fur seals and sea lions during their dispersion at sea, which is their least known period in their life cycle. Aside from this, the information will be invaluable to many studies, as for example: juvenile survival; movements and dispersion between feeding and reproduction zones; fidelity to sites of resting or feeding; population dynamics; among others.


In case you see or find a marked animal, please contact us and provide the below information:


  • Date and place of sighting
  • Shape and colour of the identification tag and, if possible, its number.


 Latin American network of pinnipeds marked:


To save a copy of the brochure, click on the link below. Help us to promote it!

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